Song and Opera Studio 2022

19th-22nd of July at 11AM-4PM at Kanutiaia Hobby School
Open concert-performance at St. Catherine’s Church on the 23rd of July at 12 p.m.

The studio invites children, teens, singers and professionals to take part.

Participants will get the chance to take part of singing and movement lessons from specialist,
also work with the coaches.

Studio costs 199€

The studio has two categories:
1. children (from the age of 10), teens (until the age of 18)
2. singers and professionals (from the age of 19)

Coaches: Pille Lill, Piia Paemurru, Märt Agu, Alar Haak

Singing lessons will be given by Marion Melnik, Maria Veretenina, Aare Saal, Pavlo Balakin etc.

If you want to register, then you have time to do so until the 17th of July via e-mail,
where you have to provide the following information: CV, e-mail address, phone number, date of birth,
work language and the titles and authors of the pieces you’ve chosen to perform.

*at the end of the course, PLMF will give out diplomas for those who request them