Estonian Chamber of Culture and Music Trust PLMF invite you to take part of the nationwide competition «Chamber of Talent 2022»!

To take part of the competition we ask you to send a 2-3 minute long video that showcases your talent to by the 16th of October.

We await Estonian citizens of all nationalities and ages from all fields of hobbies (folk arts, handicraft, sport, inventing, robotics, music, singing, art, dance, poetry, theater etc) to perform their talent for a wider audience.


The finale is on the 13th of November at 4PM at the Alexela Concert Hall.
The evening host is a renowned play director and actor Üllar Saaremäe.

When sending your video we also ask you to add your phone number so we could contact you if needed.
If there are technical errors with the video or we can’t get a hold of you, the video will fall out of the competition.

Please upload the video to Youtube and share the link with us (can be unlisted).
Please note that what’s in he video must be performed on stage.

The first three talents picked by the jury on the 13th of November at the Alexela Concert Hall will get a money prize.
This year the expert groups of the Culture Endowment will give their prizes for their county’s best.

All participants of the competition are awaited to take part of the master classes on the 12th of November at Tallinn Hopner House.
There are four categories:
1) musical expression, the way of words, communicating with the public – teacher Pille Lill (concert organizer, opera singer)
2) vocal – teacher Viesturs Jansons (the leading tenor of the Latvian opera, foreign jury member)
3) folk music – teacher Silver Sepp (multi-instrumentalist, songwriter)
4) stage movement, communicating with the public, acrobatics – teacher Vello Vaher (successful participant of America’s Got Talent, acrobat)
The master classes will be carried out in Estonian, Russian and English. The cost of the master class is 20€.
To participate you will need to pre-register by the 5th of November at

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Chamber of Talents 2022 is supported by the following establishments: Tallinn Kodurahu fond, Tallinn Culture and Sports Department,
Cultural Endowment of Estonia, Estonian Ministry of Culture, Selver, Estonian Zonta, Akzo Nobel etc.


the jury will pick 20 performances from the video materials to send straight to the finale;

at the finale the performers will be judged by a 5-member jury with a foreign member, the patron of the Chamber of Talents and experts from different fields;

the chairman of the Chamber of Talents 2022 jury is Pille Lill;

the foreign member of the Chamber of Talents 2022 jury is the leading tenor of the Latvian opera Viesturs Jansons;

the first three talents picked by the jury will get a cash prize;

the public can choose their favourite at the finale;

special awards will be given at the finale (junior, senior, folk music, singing, instrumental, dance, acrobatics, arts and crafts);

The special awards have been established by the county’s expert groups of the Cultural Endowment of Estonia and the Estonian Zonta.